A recent workshop titled “China’s Role in Global Economic Governance” was held in cooperation with the University of Sydney and the TUM Institute for Advanced Study. The event, which was organized by the Chair of European and Global Governance, brought together scholars from various fields to explore China’s increasing influence on global economic governance. This is important because questioning China’s impact in the international system is dependent on empirical verification as much as theoretical assumptions. Participants therefore seek to go beyond broad international relations theorizing to drill down into specific practices within international organizations. The findings will inform broader theoretical debates within international relations, as well as contribute to mid-range theorizing about the role of states within international organizations. To that end, they seek to investigate China’s role in key organizations of global economic governance, with a particular focus on Multilateral Development Banks ranging from the World Bank and to the newer Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the World Trade Organisation, and the International Monetary Fund.

More information about the first part of the workshop can be found here.