5 years of reform –

5 years of success

The reform and renewal efforts of Reform Rector Prof. Eugénia da Conceição-Heldt were so successful that the HfP became one of the best political science institutes in the German-speaking world within a very short period of time.

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Persistence Against the Odds: How Entrepreneurial Agents Helped the UN Joint Inspection Unit to Prevail

March 21, 2022|

Since its inception in 1966, the United Nations Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) has prevailed in the face of significant existential challenges. Against this backdrop, we investigate how and [...]

The Limits of Transparency: Expert Knowledge and Meaningful Accountability in Central Banking

March 8, 2022|

Recent discussions of accountability in contexts of expert knowledge raise questions about the limits of transparency. Against this background, we discuss the nexus between expert knowledge and meaningful [...]

Bringing Independence and Accountability Together: Mission Impossible for the European Central Bank?

November 10, 2021|

The European Central Bank’s (ECB) role as a political actor during the euro crisis raised concerns about its independence and insufficient accountability. Against this backdrop, the article investigates [...]

Munich Talks with RKI President

March 11, 2021|

A Virtual Conversation with RKI-President Prof. Lothar Wieler in Pandemic Times. Professor Lothar H. Wieler is President of the [...]

Martha Nussbaum as a speaker at Munich Talks

December 17, 2018|

Sexism and Misogyny: Poisons for Democratic Politics Martha Nussbaum, Ernst Freund Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Ethics at The University [...]

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